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Hello! I'm Christopher Caldwell, a Software Developer based in San Antonio, TX.
My passion is to bring your ideas to life online. Let's make it happen

Just like every other developer, I know the basics well.
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I wish I knew anything about Java

  • Such emptiness

Lots of moving parts and changes coming together to create quick, minimal load time application

The future has arrived. If you need a simple or complex User Interface, let me at it

  • Proficient with state manager Redux
  • Careful component selection and re-usability. Translation: I reuse code to fit your needs and you pay less.
  • Stable, bulletproof interaction. If you're expecting the shopping cart to update, it will

The skeleton of any website

Not a lot to distinguish here, but hear me out

  • Clean, structured code
  • Planned out in advance for optimal layout

CSS makes things easy on the eyes. The skin of a website

Every site meets your needs. Custom layouts, different views for mobile, tablet, and desktop

  • Highly skilled in the hot CSS libraries, Bootstrap and Materialize
  • Passionate about the ability of all users to be able to navigate around the content you want to show. Even Grandma Josephine
  • Your vision becomes my mission

Most things you see moving on a website make use of Javascript to add interactivity

Make your site zig, zag, and everything in between

  • Dropdown menus, rotating slideshows, you name it
  • Customizable movability. You tell me what you want to happen, and it will

See for yourself what I can bring to your project

Star Wars: Armada Deck Builder

MERN Stack web application for building and saving fleets.

Neal Hollimon Photography

Fine art portfolio commerce site for an award winning photographer based in Louisiana

Buy, Sell, Bye

An ad listing site for finding the next treasure you didn't know you needed.

Coming Soon!